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Tuesday, June 23, 2015



It feels like forever since I last blogged! 

Finishing my uni assignments, taking on extra hours at work and attempting to claim my 'bikini bod' for this year seems to have taken over my life.

But, I'm back, and in this post I'm talking about slashed jeans.

We've all seen the look, it's been around for a while but seems to be retailing at ridiculous prices. (considering half the material is missing)
I've been contemplating purchasing a pair for myself for months since they arrived in River Island where I work. 


No thank you. 

I chose to upcycle an old pair I'd purchased from primark for £10 after a disastrous jean ripping incident (I won't embarrass myself any further - you get the gist) 
I'll be honest - the fit wasn't great, but my £10 topshop joni equivalent jeans sufficed for my sticky situation. 

And until now, the jeans were at the bottom of my drawer doing nothing. 

So today, I thought of the slashed jeans that I so desperately needed in my wardrobe and channelled my inner hairdresser and got 'scissor happy' with the primarni pair.

P.S I used a cheese grater to give it the distressed ripped effect.

This was the result.

Khaki satin bomber jacket - Topshop Boutique £75
V neck baggy tee - £12
Black original jeans - Primark £10
Black peep toe boots - Primark £14

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