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Sunday, August 09, 2015


My life has been in overdrive since the start of July so I apologise for my absence on the blog scene.
I've recently gained a new job, an internship and been accepted to work at several different fashion events so any downtime has been minimal to say the least.
I'm absolutely loving the buzz of being constantly involved in different things - one amazing event I was involved in on Friday was the Midlands Fashion Awards pre launch show. 

Every year an amazing woman named Jenny Eason organises the awards with the help of industry professionals such as Alan Sharman and Adele Roche.  I managed to speak to Jenny throughout the event and she told me that she initially created the awards as a

"platform for young designers in the midlands to be able to showcase their designs - without having to go to London."
The event also helps aspiring models gain access to the highly competitive industry. 
models pre show

The awards are split into categories:
Independent Designer of the Year
Emerging Designer of the Year
Young Designer of the Year
- Stylist of the Year
- Makeup Artist of the Year
- Accessories Designer of the Year

backstage with the hair stylists

Each year the event becomes bigger and bigger, with more designers from all over the world eager to showcase their collections at the prestige event. 
This year, there were so many applicants that Jenny had to create a pre launch show to be able to fit everyone in. Designers arrived from countries such as Portugal and Greece as well as across the UK. On Friday the winner of the "Accessories Designer of the Year" category was chosen but will be released with the remaining category winners at official event which takes place later in the year.

backstage with the makeup artists

I was part of the backstage team helping out with pretty much anything I could get my hands on. It was such a rush getting the models dressed and ready for each consecutive collection as the models were reused by the 7 different designers which meant a LOT of outfit changes. 

backstage pre runway

Everyone who took part in the making of this event was so friendly and made the entire day a really fun experience for me. I can't wait to head back and work backstage again during the main event which will have over 300 guests watching the show alone. 

So keep your eyes peeled for the next post on the MFA main event 
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