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Monday, September 07, 2015


September is always a key month in the fashion calendar and so I've been aiming to squeeze all the fashion related events in that I can.

I went to Birmingham Fashion Week last weekend in the hope of finding some local brands to fall in love with.
The venue was at the Macdonald Burlington hotel - centrally located it was perfect to showcase all the selected brands. The atmosphere reflected the busy Birmingham lifestyle whilst maintaining a high end feel situated next to luxury store Flannels.

The event gave a good mix of inspirational talks with people like Talk Becky Talk and Bianca Miller as well as exhibit the up and coming designers.
It was great to see an event of this calibre in Birmingham.

My personal favourite was Green Embassy : Silent Rainforest collection.
As well as being stunning to look at, the brand's ethos is amazing. They believe in sustainable fashion and so, all their garments are handmade using organic fabrics.
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I was really impressed by BHMFW "International Fashion Student" competition winner  Mary-Anne Hunter. Being a fashion student myself, it was great to see someone of a similar age and aspirations with such a successful outcome.
She spoke briefly about her inspirations for the collection and named designers such as Elie Saab as influencers for her personal designing style.
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The gowns were elegant and extravagant with just the right balance ratio.

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It was a really fun weekend and has really got me excited for London Fashion Week in a few weeks time!

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