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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Hallelujah, Spring is upon us! 
The turn of a new season means new garms and what better way to revive your wardrobe from it's winter hibernation than with simple, inexpensive additions to your go to colour palette.

I'm exactly the same as the majority of the population - if it comes in black, I'll more than likely choose black over every other colour. I have no qualms in doing so, no shame in admitting it. My wardrobe matches a treat but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy experimenting (very tamely) with colour every once in a while. 

And so, my saviour arrives in all its girly glory "dusky pink" - even the adjective is fabulous. 

I've had a few bits here and there in this colour for a while now, but this season dusky pink is hitting our high streets hard and I for one, am loving it. 
It seems almost every item has 3 colour ways right now black/pink/khaki - YEEZY inspired? possibly. Whatever the reasoning, treat yourself to something in this colour this season and you will not regret it. 

links are provided where possible for you 

- Black Belted Jersey Jacket (River Island) £45
- Black Cropped Wide Leg Trousers (River Island) £38
- Adidas Pointed Court Trainers (Selfridges) £74.99
- Oversized Pink Sunglasses (Topshop) £18 
- Pink Shopper Bag (Primark) £10

Evidently, I wasn't joking when I said very tamely. However, I definitely think that by adding these sunnies and shopper bag I've revamped this outfit and made it feel much more relevant to the time of year and added a little femininity to my uniform of "oversized pretty much anything". 

Where the ideas came from:
A lot of people ask me where I get the inspiration for what I'm wearing and to be perfectly honest aside from the obvious pinterest/tumblr/mags, generally I'm not really sure. As a fashion student and fashion retail employee it's pretty hard to ignore or be oblivious to trends when you're constantly surrounded by them, most of the time I think its on a subconscious level. But on this occasion, I really did notice where I had first seen the colour emerging for this season and the style in which I wanted to wear it. 


1. COS
3. Zara
4. &OtherStories
5. House Of Sunny
6. &OtherStories
7. Charlie-May
8. House Of Sunny

If you liked looking at these style inspiration images my pinterest account is full of ideas like this! (link is available on my blog to the right for computer viewers // scroll to the bottom for mobile)

I hope this gave you an idea of how to make your existing outfits ready for spring! 

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