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Friday, April 01, 2016


...they want their jackets back. 

No, but seriously, Spring has made me fall in love with all things girlie and subconsciously or not, I think everyone is falling into this fun filled colour trap. You can purchase one piece in pink and then suddenly, you'll find yourself dressed head-to-toe in fuschia - embodying Barbie herself. 

My personal style in terms of silhouettes and simplicity hasn't altered but my colour palette has upgraded significantly. Spring is the turning point in the year, where my wardrobe escapes hibernation and replaces neutrals of black for white and ultimately takes preference to the 25 out of 50 (lighter) shades of grey. 
All jokes aside, I'm not proclaiming I've become some colour lover and I'll rue the day that I'll be seen in all black again but I am thoroughly enjoying this feminine phase and my tame experimentation.

It was my twenty-first birthday last week and I was gifted two of the most fabulous pink beauties from toppers! Needless to say, I am obsessed.

The metallic quilted bomber is unlike anything I already own and I instantly thought of Frenchie from Grease the movie and her gang sporting their personalised 'Pink Ladies' outerwear. The fabric catches the light so effortlessly, it's almost pearlescent to the eye. There's something about satin that immeadiately makes me think of luxury which is exactly why I knew this jacket would work so well against my contrasting 'peached' cotton tracksuit. 

Love it or loathe it, 90s style is everywhere right now. Whether it be through choker necklaces, brown lip liner or crop tops galore, we've all seen it in stores and so, I thought I would style up my birthday newbies and share my take on the 90s trend in spring.  

This backpack is the single best thing since sliced bread. Big statement, I know, but you honestly need to see this in real life and feel it to appreciate the quality and finish. It's made from a hard leather and 100% shearling so I know it will stand the test of time and I'm going to use it for years to come. The colour of the shearling is so stunning. It's hard to find a photograph that does it justice (hence the multiple instagram piccys). It's a sort of mink meets blush, so cute. I couldn't believe it when I saw it in Topshop. It looks like the type of bag you would find in Whistles or Cos so you can imagine my excitement when I saw it was under £300.

I wore this outfit to travel to Dublin in and do some very important sightseeing and shopping so I needed to be comfortable. The tracksuit was an absolute steal last year from my local Tesco can you believe it! F+F are serious about their trend led products right now, so I highly recommend you pop into the clothes section when you're doing your next weekly shop. The set has a lovely 'peached' effect which brands like MissPap and Pretty Little Thing are also doing right now. Its so cosy, it literally feels as though you're walking around in your PJs. 

I hope you liked my nostalgic styling and it gave you some inspiration for outfits of your own!

links are added where possible for you 

- Metallic Bomber Jacket £65 (Topshop) SOLD OUT - similar here
- Premium Shearling Backpack £80 (Topshop)
- Grey and Pink Soft Tracksuit £18 (F+F at Tesco) SOLD OUT
- Perforated Plimsolls £24 (River Island)

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