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Wednesday, September 07, 2016


Anyone who follows me on instagram is aware of my slight addiction to pink, fluffiness and co-ordination, so you can imagine the delight on my face when I pulled together this heavily textured pink outfit which looks so simple. 

It may not look it from first glance, but there is a LOT going on with this outfit hence the hefty blog post. Textures are where I truly let my hair down. I'm not one for print clashing, colour blocking or anything akin to such styles. But textures, textures can present in double figures in one ensemble and I'll still want more. Ironic as I'm considered such a simple dresser, but when you use textures correctly, they work subtly in your favour and I hope you'll agree that this look shows the power of textures in "stealth mode" if you will. 

Lets work tip to toe, I spoke in a previous post "STRAPPED UP" (see here) about this new suedette fabric that is popping up allover the high street right now and how much I love the look and feel of it. This is my first texture. It looks and feels so soft, it breaks up the big block of pink that I become in this look and brings focus to the ruching of the dress which FYI helps to accentuate your curves, thank you Kimmy K for the tip. The dress has a square neckline and blunt-edge sleeveless finish which gives it that sophisticated look, confirmed by the midi length hem.

Then comes the jacket. Oh my God - the jacket. I bought the dress and jacket in one transaction, much to my bank account's dismay but they work so seamlessly together, how could I not?! This oversized lightweight duster coat is simply divine. There is not one thing I would change about it. It's a crepe fabric so you can see and feel small little dots all over the garment, A.K.A texture number two.
Aside from the colour, silhouette and crepe fabric (basically everything) what I really love is the organza panels on the sleeves and large pockets A.K.A texture number three. They make it look expensive, I can't stress enough how little details like this make such a difference.

P.S. If you want to recreate a look like this with pieces of your own, make sure that jacket is either the same length of the dress or longer. If it isn't, it will effect the whole balance of silhouette you're trying to gain.

Where would a show-stoppping outfit be without accessories. I chose my beloved Whistles clutch. It's my second 'rivington clutch bag' because the shape is so easy. Whistles bring out a slightly different design every collection so keep an eye out if you're looking for a go-to clutch. The croc texture is number four. Despite the fact I love wearing all one colour, this outfit really was teetering on the edge of too much. If I'd gone for a fluffy pink clutch bag it just wouldn't have looked the same, I can't really explain why but I just know that it would have been that one step too far. So to prevent this, I opted for a neutral coloured, simple shaped bag. I think this works perfectly.

Last but certainly not least is texture number five. My jaw-dropping pink fluffy babies from Toppers, thank you so much Ben for buying these for me. They're last years edition but Topshop have restocked several times with slight alterations to the type of fur/fluff that they incorporate in the shoe's design. Whenever I wear these, I always get stopped to ask where they're from. I think that says enough.

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Contrast Panel Textured Duster Coat - Topshop £72
Asymmetric Drape Dress - Topshop £29
Pink Fluffy Heels - Topshop £58 SOLD OUT
Rivington Grey Croc Clutch Bag - Whistles £85 SOLD OUT

I hope you enjoyed my excessively pink outfit! ♡

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