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Monday, March 20, 2017


Thinking of treating yourself? 
Forget a blow dry, think blow out.
(mind out of the gutter please ladies)

What goes around comes around, especially in relation to fashion but the 90s trends seem to have come back around and intend on staying indefinitely. I'm not complaining and neither should you. 

It's time to update your denim dictionary - the mom jeans were the beginning of this 90s rebirth but if you're beginning to get bored of your tapered faves opt for the blow out.

What are blow out jeans?
Don't get hung up on the terms, it just means a pair of jeans with huge holes in as oppose to rips, often on the knee 

I made this pair myself in the aftermath of ruining my originally ripped jeans but love these even more - so every silver lining and all that...

This style of denim is as versatile as any pair of jeans providing you keep it simple. 
The large flash of flesh means theres a lot going on so keep things demure on top and your good to go. For me, I think this look has the best effect when its relaxed. 
My most relatable example would be a striped T-shirt and trainers - something almost all of us have somewhere in the wardrobe, combine with blow out jeans and you'll give Jennifer Aniston a run for her 90s queen status. 

Its ironic that my outfits seem to get darker as the weather gets warmer but I loved this casual aesthetic and wanted something simple to show off my new favourite choker (which FYI is actually a headpiece)

I hope you like this look and it gave you inspiration for alternative jeans this spring.

links are added where possible for you, just click.

Black Wash Ripped Mom Jeans - River Island £25 SALE
Black Long Sleeve Bodysuit - Miss Selfridge £18
Black Paisley Bandana - River Island £6 (worn as choker)
Old Skool Vans - Office £51.99
Tassel Bag - Boohoo £15 SOLD OUT
Aviator Sunglasses - Primark £4

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