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Thursday, June 08, 2017


If you asked me a year ago about my view on gingham as a fashion print, I would have told you that it’s sole purpose is for Little Bo Peep and that even her sheep reside higher than I in the list of people who would wear it.

However, as always with fashion, what we once thought was an absurd trend never to be spoken of again, all too quickly arrives in back in our checkout basket. I’ll admit that I’ve been a little on the safe side with my style in recent years and despite the fact that 2017 hasn’t blessed me with Michelle Keegan’s figure or a craving for kale (both initially well intended), I have gained the courage to try out fun and bold trends which evidently includes my new fave – Girlie Gingham.

photography by Nick Oakley

My love story with gingham starts the same way that most of my trend affairs do; an innocent scroll through Instagram on my lunch break that ends abruptly after processing a candid snapshot of our British fashion Goddess Alexa Chung, sporting a pair of the most divine tailored trousers I have quite possibly ever seen, made even more alluring by their statement gingham print.
As I’m sure you have assumed, my story develops following a hazy sequence of clicks and taps. I relished during my self-taught game of designer detective, sourcing exactly where I could purchase these trousers for myself, then squirmed after realising I’d spent £40 without even leaving the staffroom; a sequence of events that I am unforgivingly reminded of via confirmation email in the hours of aftermath guilt.

Although price was concerning, anticipation was never going to be an issue for this tale. I’d pre-determined the logistics and timescale for when I would specifically need to show off my trendy trousers. So you can imagine my delight when I saw those three little words that can alter a girl’s life. Forget I love you; I’m talking about the Next Day Delivery, which was on offer for £1.99 immediately softening the blow of the price I’d already succumb to in under 10 minutes. It’s as if someone was telling me I had to have these trousers ready for the Bank Holiday weekend with my besties and I couldn’t argue with fate now could I?

But as D-day arrives (delivery day for all those who aren’t formidable shopping addicts) my guilt turns to pride and I’m astonished by my skillset to have found the perfect doppelganger to Alexa’s high-end pair. Actually, strike that, I’m not proud; I’m over the moon. I have single-handedly uncovered this high-street hidden gem for only forty-pounds. This isn’t something I should feel guilty for; I need to shout about it. In fact, I tell myself I’ll write a blog post and everyone will agree with me that forty-pounds is nothing compared to the price per wear I’ll achieve by modelling my new life changing gingham superstars.

I mentally note to self that this is how I will sell my story to my boyfriend, who will instinctively ask the price before complimenting my unwavering quest for style. What I had predicted to be a flippant fling soon became a long-lasting love. Gingham now respectfully takes it’s place within several options in wardrobe, my current fave is the smock dress with frill sleeves I wear in the oh so "candid" photos above. I hope you’ll agree that gingham is a well deserved summer staple for 2017. 

As always wearability is key within my wardrobe choices and I feel gingham is such an easy print to add to an outfit, especially in monochrome. I plan to wear mine from desk to dinner; perfectly paired with a pornstar martini. 

P.S. All puns very much intended.

Gingham Smock Dress - Primark £13
Peep Toe Heeled Boots - Topshop £39
Double Buckle Western Belt - Topshop £22


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