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Sunday, September 03, 2017


I am hereby retracting my previous intro, maybe I am beginning to blog about more than just fashion without intending to. 
If you're a regular reader, you'll know my last post was about studying at uni and my experiences as a fashion student. Having recently entered the world of work as a graduate - I've realised it's important to remember a few key things to avoid losing yourself amongst the hustle and bustle. 

I like to think I'm streetwise and can handle myself in most situations, but there will come a time  when you find yourself professionally stuck between a rock and a hard place. With all the external pressures to get into work so quickly and be #goals before the age of 25, I definitely wanted to get ahead straight out of uni. The media often highlights the struggle graduates face when it comes to getting into employment after completing their degree and proudly place statistics on the amount of students who have found employment within 6 months as a rare accomplishment, but what they fail to mention is the amount of graduates who rush into the wrong full time job. The graduates who naively accept roles without disputing the pay or the work they're expected to complete. I've learnt a lot since May; what my actual skills are, who I can turn to when I'm struggling, how to make time for my hobbies and when to speak up.

Every step we make within our career aids our development as professionals and as a person. Don't undersell yourself in the interview and make sure you do your research, if the job role doesn't match the average wage then question it or if you feel you have more experience that warrants higher pay - question it! Confidence is key, in every part of life and as I've recently learnt, especially in the workplace. There are far more important things going on in the world to be worried, stressed or upset about - your job should be something you love. I'll never forget my lecture discussing the portion of your life you spend at work so it needs to be something that motivates you to get up everyday and that you'll smash - true boss babe style. 

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Maybe it's time for a career change or a serious conversation with your manager about the way things are going at work. It can be easy to sit back and let "fate" take it's course. But in the least cringeworthy way, your destiny is within your own actions. I'm definitely going to start having more confidence in myself professionally and the things I've already achieved. I'm considering writing a 3-5 year plan and would love anyone's thoughts on these - the best way to map them out e.t.c. stay posted on that... on to the fun stuff

This beautiful crochet number was a bargain sale find in H&M from £49.99 to £10! It's part of their Trend collection and you can definitely tell with the scallop hem detailing and perfect lining to ensure your modesty remains intact despite the sheer white colour and precariously placed cut outs. I decided to keep the look super simple with a hint of boho. I tend to refer to it as 'The Chelsea Girl' look, often envisioning myself popping to the bluebird for brunch and mocktails in an ensemble much like this.

I hope you like the post and the look! 

Oversized Denim Jacket - Topshop £46
Crochet Playsuit - H&M £10
Snakeprint Belt - Primark £6
Nude Block Heel Sandals - Topshop £45

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