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Saturday, October 21, 2017


Being in your twenties is particularly poignant. 
For me, arriving in my twenties has become increasingly difficult. I've reached that stage in life where some of my friends have dived head first into adulthood boasting a mortgage, rock on their wedding finger and 9-5 full time careers well under their belt. In contrast, some of my friends are committed solely to the weekends and live for the tables and multitude of over priced vodka bottles with sparklers in tow. 
This leaves me regularly questioning "where do I sit in the spectrum of being twenty-something?

I've previously spoken out about the aftermath of university here and the feelings associated with trying to establish yourself in whatever field you choose to forge a career, but this post relates to more than just that. As much as I love social media, I have to admit that the pressures it places on the younger generations is exhausting. It only takes a two minute scroll through my feed on my lunch break to instantly feel disheartened by the fact that:
a) I'm not currently working in a position that is any higher than I did previous to enrolling at university and 
b) I'm not driving the bloggers current fave - a Jeep Wrangler and have my next stop destination written proudly in my bio. But why!?

I suppose there's no real solution to the problem other than to trust in yourself and understand that the images we feel pressure us to look, act and live in a certain way are merely superficial snippets of what we want others to perceive our life is actually like. 

You may or may not have noticed I've been absent on the blog scene the past few weeks, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit I've had some sort of premature quarter life crisis (yes, I'm deffo making this a thing.) Recently, life and my twenties has all become a bit too much and this is perfectly okay to accept. I'm a horrendous over thinker as most females are but I am especially guilty of placing too much pressure on myself to compete with others. Whether this is something facetious or serious, I get hung up on the little details and recently my breakdown has come down to the fact that things haven't exactly gone to plan in virtually every aspect of my life - queue violins please. 

Without divulging a little too much into the blogosphere, I've 100% felt the pressure to move out recently. I'm twenty-two and still living at home, as the majority of my friends do but I've really had the itch to take control of my life in a way I've never done before but with the added responsibility comes an added cost - literally and incase you hadn't noticed, as icon Carrie Bradshaw once said, I like to see my money hanging in my closet. I'd also like to add that I'm a formidable pinner which definitely doesn't help matters - follow my interior board here on Pinterest if you're into Skandi minimalism. I digress, lets just round this off with - saving is not my forte.

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Whether you're struggling to get into the work groove, start the next chapter in your life or wear something you feel comfortable in, the happiest you'll ever be is if you stay true to yourself. It's taken me a couple of weeks to get over the hurdles I've faced recently and as part of it I decided to get into reading again, and digitally detox for a few days. I find it's easier to reflect on who you truly are as a person by removing the things that influence you otherwise; this could be the company you keep, magazines you read or TV programmes you watch. You know within yourself what honestly makes you happy and happiness is the starting point for so many emotions - for me, being confident and happy go hand in hand. More so, being confident is inextricably linked to all areas of your life, so if buying that check two piece that makes you feel like Cher from clueless is going to give you a little boost then bloody buy it and post it on the gram just because you want to - not because your insta-idol did it two days ago.

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